About the crew behind the statue.

It all started with a statue.

Statues for Sale is a diversified, online statue collection shop from around the world. It all started with literally one statue and an idea of having a place in which to gather the best items we can find for people like us.

It is a genuine passion for statues!

We share the same passion for statues, sculptures and ornaments and this is the best reason to gather quality statues under one roof and make them available to a large audience. Products are not yet manufactured by us however we look for fine quality and affordability in products as if they were designed by Statues For Sale

We love statues!

I believe that statues are timeless! A statue, in my opinion is like a highly detailed signature that hides a layered perspective of the author’s understanding of the world. 

Why a layered perspective?

Because today you might feel joyful looking at a certain statue or sculpture but tomorrow the same statue might remind you of a lesser experience. I find this daily discovery fascinating and I want to share my fascination with others. That is why I decided to start this Statues for Sale online store.

Are we statue designers or sculptors?

Some of us are sculptors and some designers of statues. However everyone involved making wood, plastic, stone or clay statues are only hobbyists. 

I would say that we are creators first and find statues to be a common interest.

Why would I own statues?

I remember when I was young I would wake up each morning and greet every porcelain soldier and babusca doll my parents had displayed in the living room. It never occurred to me how much those statues, toys and ornaments impacted me as a child. When it was raining outside I would spend hours imagining scenarios of each and every statue, who they were, where would the statues live and so on and so forth. Even now as a grown up I spend moments, quiet moments, admiring my statue collection. Drifting in thought… who made this statue and what did that person felt when making it.

Owning a statue is peaceful, it helps you meditate and get some balance in your mind and soul. Have you ever caught yourself starring at a painting and drifting away? Or get lost in a piece of music or a book you love? It’s the exact same thing with statues…

only better!

If you have any questions, suggestions or simply want to say “Hi!” Statues for Sale is now available on social media.

And now, before you leave…

we thank you for your time and hope you will enjoy your statues!