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” I love working with statues, I always did. Each one of us at Statues for Sale will not only say, but share the same enjoyment when talking about or working with them. It’s something magical about having one in your study room or near your bed so it can greet you in the morning. Well, not literally… that would be creepy!

I still remember that one statue that I first bought in University with my own hard earned money. It was a small bronze statue, a knock-off of “The Thinker”, the only must-have and on sale product from that particular flea market. I tried to model it in plaster so many times. You should’ve seen that army of deformed statues.

Now I’m passing the metaphorical torch to you!”

Melanie – The Elven Statue

” Statues are cool! Like sun glasses in action movies, cool. “But how can it be?” I hear you asking.

Art, even if only owned, will always be a way of expressing yourself. Who you are, how you perceive your own world. A statue is a form of art, even more powerful than a painting, if you ask me. Each angle opening us up to new emotions, memories. I enjoy statues a lot and god knows (also my mom knows, my landlord, my girlfriend, my friends and especially my neighbor Sam that thinks the Gargoyle from my garden is haunted) I bought my fair share of action figures, sculptures and figurines.

The one thing that I’m sure of is that I will buy even more, I will make some…eventually, and I will Enjoy them always!”

Bruce – The Knight Statue

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